Vision Mission and Objectives

Department of Product Design

Becoming a leading and excellent department in Indonesia and creating human resources with innovative product designing capabilities with local values by utilizing science and technology to meet the needs of industry and community in global competition in 2024.

1) Organizing the Three Pillars of Higher Education in learning process to enrich knowledge about the world of industry, management, regulations, and procedures relating to the process of translating product design design concepts into their implementation in accordance with the demands of the industry.
2) Creating learning dynamics to produce product designs that meet aesthetic measures and technical requirements and utilize technology, be environmentally sound and aware of local wisdom
3) Organizing adequate activities about product planning and designing as well as skills needed by the community.
4) Conducting periodic studies of the curriculum relating to the development of technology and science, in accordance with the needs of the industrial community.
5) Making good cooperation with private companies and government agencies

Creating professional workforce who are competent in product design
1) Improving the quality of academic implementation in accordance with existing resource planning
2) Conducting programs and community service programs that are applicable and on target, supporting the academic atmosphere, and in line with the needs community and professional world
3) Developing entrepreneurial spirit, mental attitude and ethical behavior.
4) Developing the ability to cooperate with various relevant parties and stakeholders in industrial product design sector