Vision Mission and Objectives

Department of Visual Communication Design

Becoming a leading department of Visual Communication Design based on Graphic and Interactive Multimedia Design in creating competitive and innovative entrepreneurs in all creative industries in 2024

1. Organizing the Three Pillars of Higher Education in graphic and interactive multimedia-based in Visual Communication Design that has a professional, innovative and creative entrepreneurial spirit.
2. Providing comprehensive and leading professional education in Visual Communication Design studies and practice through various approaches to creative innovation and technology that are integrated with visual, oral and written communication.
3. Educating and inspiring a new generation in Visual Communication Design to have interpersonal communication skills, creative thinking, innovative and professional behavior.
4. Department of Visual Communication Design, School of Design and Creative Arts, Universitas Mercu Buana provides valuable contributions to the creative sector and the larger community.
5. Building cooperation through various parties engaged in Visual Communication Design, both with other universities, government agencies and business circles.

1. Creating graduates in Visual Communication Design sector to support the development of graphic and digital multimedia design sectors that have a professional, innovative and creative entrepreneurial spirit.
2. Develop a learning process with a dynamic academic climate that supports the growth of critical, creative, ethical, communication, problem solving, innovative and professional thoughts by upholding professional ethics and being responsible.
3. Developing research and community service programs that are applicable and on the right target, which support the academic atmosphere, and in line with the community and the professional world needs.
4. Growing the ability to cooperate with various related parties and stakeholders by providing valuable contributions on Visual Communication Design science.
5. Growing entrepreneurial spirit and mental attitude and ethical behavior.
6. Preparing competent students to excel at higher education levels, such as a Master’s degree.
7. Providing direct experience to ensure students are able solve problems and applying the knowledge gained during learning process