Vision Mission and Objectives

Department of Interior Design


Becoming a department creating excellent and leading graduates in Interior Design among Region III Coordinator of Private Higher Education Institutions in 2024 with the ability to produce interior design professionals who are able to meet the needs and who have entrepreneurial, ethical spirit and global insight as well as have the ability to compete in the global era in 2024.

1. Organizing education, research and community service, and achieving academic excellence to produce professionals in Interior Design.
2. Conducting research and community service in order to develop and apply science and technology
3. Establishing partnerships with various institutions in the context of implementing the Three Pillars of Higher Education
4. Realizing the effective and efficient education management
5. Developing creative cultural values

The educational objective of Department of Interior Design in School of Design & Creative Arts Universitas Mercu Buana is to equip students to be able to graduate with the following qualifications:
1. Creating graduates with the spirit of Pancasila and having high personality integrity
2. Applying the knowledge and skills of their technology in accordance with the expertise in productive activities and services to the community
3. Mastering the scientific basics, knowledge and technology in students’ expertise to be able to find, understand, explain and formulate ways to solve problems among their expertise
4. Being positive to independently develop the knowledge and apply the knowledge wisely according to the needs and development of community.
5. Having entrepreneurial spirit, attitude, knowledge, ability and courage.
6. Having knowledge, abilities and attitudes as a company manager.

1. Having knowledge, skills and abilities as professionals in interior design.
2. Having adequate knowledge of the history and theories of interior design, technology and human sciences
3. Mastering knowledge about how to produce designs with environmental support.
4. Understanding the method of tracing and storing the design program for a design project
5. Understanding structural, construction and engineering issues related to interior design
6. Developing of quality academic activities in accordance with the competency of design costs
7. Improving research and community service programs which are applicable, right on target, in line with the needs of the community and the professional world and supporting the academic atmosphere
8. Developing cooperation with various stakeholders related to Interior Design in implementing the Three Pillars of Higher Education