Vision Mission and Objectives

School of Design and Creative Arts
– Department of Product Design
– Department of Interior Design
– Department of Visual Communication Design


Becoming a leading and excellent school in Indonesia and creating Human Resources with innovative design and arts ability with local values by utilizing science and technology that meets the needs of industry and community in global competition in 2024.


1. Implementing the Three Pillars of Higher Education.
2. Graduating environmentally friendly professional workforce who are always prioritizing local wisdom.
3. Improving the quality of lecturers and staff in accordance with the development of science and technology.
4. Preparing facilities for implementing the Three Pillars of Higher Education.
5. Building cooperation with various universities, government agencies and business circles.


1) Creating graduates who have the knowledge and competence in design and arts to be able to compete and play a role in community and industry.
2) Creating graduates who have the ability to keep updating the development of science, technology and arts to produce works beneficial for community and its environment.
3) Creating graduates who have integrity and personality both in the work environment and in the community.
4) Developing an academic atmosphere supported by scientific culture.