Vision and Mission


“Become a Superior and Leading Faculty in Indonesia and produce Human Resources with the ability to design and art that is innovative and aware of local values ​​by utilizing science and technology that meets the needs of industry and society in global competition in 2024”


The mission of the Faculty of Creative Art Design by considering interrelated aspects related to global issues, competitiveness, and professionalism, among others:

  1. Implementing the Tridharma of Higher Education.
  2. Graduating from Professional Staff, Environmental Insight and Promoting Local Wisdom.
  3. Improve the quality of teaching staff, educational staff according to science and technology.
  4. Preparing Facilities and Infrastructures for the Tridarma of Universities Building Collaboration with Universities, Government Agencies and the Business World.


The Creative Arts Design Faculty has goals to be realized, including:

  1. Building an academic atmosphere supported by scientific culture.
  2. Produce graduates who have competencies in the field of design and art who are ready to compete globally in the industry.
  3. Produce graduates who follow the development of science and technology that can produce useful design works for the community.
  4. Produce graduates who have high integrity and good personality in the community.