The embryo of the Visual Communication Design S1 Study Program, Mercu Buana University began in the 2013/2014 odd semester at that time under the specialization of the Product Design (Graphic & Multimedia) Study Program.
In 2016, obtaining an operating permit from Kemenristek Dikti-Kopertis III with Number 083 / K3 / KL / 2016 dated September 13, 2016, concerning Recommendations for Adding Visual Communication Design Study Program at Mercu Buana University.
The Visual Communication Design S1 Study Program, teaches strong communication skills in various digital media, including audio visual, print design, and motion graphics . And because we are in the faculty of design & art, students have the opportunity to make interactive and truly interesting installations.
At first, students learn to understand the history of graphic design, the role of typography, applied in print media, the internet and other interactive media appropriately.
Technology is always changing, and the only way to learn to use it creatively is through a lot of experience. Now, in our faculty we have industry standard laboratories: iMac computers, screen printing machines, photographic tools, Epson large-format printers , laser cutting , laser labeling , engraving machines, sewing machines, wood workshops.
There is a showroom that is managed centrally by the university, which can be used by students as an appreciation and exhibition space. This is very important as a form of visual understanding of the work on display and appreciating it.
The study program also helps students to be able to connect directly with industry and the profession; through industry visiting activities and presenting guest lecturers from practitioners in lecture classes.
On the next occasion, the study program will emphasize the social role of design; through campus-based and community-based projects. so students can see firsthand how strong their abilities are in knowing their potential and positive changes.


Duration of Study
Maximum Length of Study:
• Originally from 14 Semester High School
• Originally D3 (taking 57 – 81 credits) 10 Semester

High school graduate / equivalent to all majors

• IMac Computer Lab
• Screen Printing Studio
• Lab of Photography
• Audio Visual Lab